RISE-N-SHINE Breakfast Blend

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Energize Your Mornings with RISE-N-SHINE Breakfast Blend – A Burst of Flavor in Every Sip

Jump start your day with the vibrant RISE-N-SHINE Breakfast Blend, a medium roast that promises to awaken your senses and illuminate your morning. Crafted from a smooth blend of premium coffee sourced from the heart of Central and South America, this coffee embodies the spirit of a joyous morning with its exquisite mix of fruit, cocoa, granola, and maple flavors.

Perfect for those bustling mornings or when you're savoring the start of your day, RISE-N-SHINE Breakfast Blend stands as your ideal morning companion. Available in a convenient 12oz bag, it offers the perfect equilibrium of flavor and aroma, setting the stage for a fulfilling day ahead.

Flavor Notes: Fruit, Cocoa, Granola, and Maple
Origin: Expertly blended with beans from Central and South America