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Hammerhead Costa Rica Single Origin Roast

Indulge in the vibrant and distinguished flavors of our Hammerhead Single Origin Roast, an exceptional creation sourced from the pristine landscapes of Costa Rica. This blend captivates with the refreshing sweetness of apple, the depth of raisin, and the soothing richness of honey for a truly unparalleled taste experience.

The crisp and invigorating flavor of sweet apple marries perfectly with the deep, sun-dried notes of raisin, while the warm undertones of honey add a velvety richness to the blend. Meticulously crafted as a Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) roast and using European Preparation (EP), this coffee epitomizes both luxury and refinement.

Available in specially curated batches, relish the sheer excellence of this coffee as your morning pick-me-up or a relaxing evening brew.

Flavor Notes: Sweet Apple, Raisin, and Honey.