El Cafetero's Roast

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Discover the Essence of Colombia with El Cafetero's Roast – A Journey in Every Sip


Embark on a flavorful journey with El Cafetero's Roast, a tribute to the skilled coffee farmers of Colombia. This Colombian Single Origin coffee is a harmonious blend of medium acidity and smooth body, complemented by the indulgent flavors of chocolate and peach. Each cup offers a unique taste experience that reflects the rich coffee heritage of its origin.

Perfect for those who appreciate the art of coffee making, El Cafetero's Roast is available in a 12oz bag. This coffee is meticulously prepared to showcase the best of Colombian beans, offering a rich and balanced flavor profile that coffee enthusiasts will love.


Flavor Notes: Medium Acidity, Smooth Body, Chocolate, Peach

Origin: Proudly sourced from the lush landscapes of Colombia