FyrBorne's Coco-Fuego

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Unleash Your Inner Warrior with FyrBorne's Coco-Fuego – Crafted by a Legend

Discover the unparalleled taste of FyrBorne's Coco-Fuego, a coffee blend inspired by the legendary FyrBorne himself—a Viking at heart, a master tattoo artist, and an unparalleled Call of Duty player. This coffee is a testament to FyrBorne's multifaceted excellence, infusing the robust and richly spiced essence of Mexican chocolate with the indomitable spirit of a Viking and the precision of a true artist.

FyrBorne's Coco-Fuego invites you to experience the thrill of conquest and creativity with every cup. It embodies the essence of FyrBorne's life's passions, offering a unique coffee experience that's as bold and complex as the man behind its creation. This blend is a call to arms for those ready to embrace the day with vigor, artistry, and a gamer's unwavering focus.

Flavor Notes: Mexican Chocolate 
Roast: Medium Roast