Stainless Steel Coffee Hand-Grinder

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  • PERFECTLY GRINDED COFFEE: For lovers of coffee everywhere, our grinder turns your beans into the finest coffee grinds however you like it - French press, pour over, drip, AeroPress and more!
  • MANUALLY OPERATED: Don’t worry about annoying wires or constantly thinking if the batteries work! Our manual grinder grinds easily so you can have perfectly ground coffee beans in seconds!
  • CONVENIENTLY PORTABLE: A sleek lightweight design allows you to easily carry it around wherever you need to have a quick pick me up just the way you need it. It fits in any bag, purse, or carry on!
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: A durable makeup of brushed stainless steel means it will last you a very long time so you not stress about it breaking or malfunctioning for a long-term purchase.
  • PREMIUM CERAMIC BURR GRINDING: Enjoy effortless grinding with a premium quality mechanism that is designed to last for years! Easily adjustable from course to fine, choose what you love.